Photo Journal


I love my dogs so much that it might be annoying to some people. I talk about them the way that people talk about their human babies. Sometimes I even compare my dogs to human babies, which really freaks people out. Instead of being embarrassed by the things I say about my dogs, I choose to surround myself with people that think/say the same things about their dogs. I feel ridiculously lucky to have friends that are just as weird as me. 

Anyways, there's Kodiak. She's a goofy, growly thing with a lot to say. It may sound intimidating to those who don't know her (which may benefit me at times--protective quality, maybe?), but it's pretty harmless. She is still really young yet has so much grey on her face. She has the prettiest almond shaped eyes, squishy cheeks, a large ribcage, and a lot of allergy issues. Everybody calls her Kodi, Ko-bear, Ko-Ko, etc. She's really good at sensing peoples emotions and is extremely sweet. We don't know what type of dog she is, but that doesn't really matter.

Then there is Missy. A quirky little pug mix with a lot of attitude. She is the cuddliest little thing with a peanut brain. She has an obsession with eggs. As soon as someone cracks an egg in the kitchen, she comes running, slams her butt to the ground, and starts shaking with huge, excited eyes. She howls when we sing any song with an "oooo!" (yet it eventually turns into a screaming, unpleasant sound--maybe she doesn't like it when we sing?). She hates swimming, especially when Kodi knocks her into the water. 

Dogs are the best.