Photo Journal

December 2016: Highlights from the last two weekends.

I didn't get to take a lot of pictures over the past two weekends. I wish I could have, though. Here are the highlights.

Four boys cuddle on an air mattress while smoke from the cooking bacon fills the air.

Our neighbor brews wonderful beer.

Isuru and Julie laughing over a cut lip.

Julie organized a Scrabble tournament. 

Homemade waffles and maple syrup on one of the chilliest mornings that Atlanta has had thus far (that's not saying a lot, though).

Ring excitedly explaining MMA Fighting as everyone gathers around his computer screen to watch the fight.

Lights of Life University. My mama and I came here when I was a kid. We were reliving some memories.

My favorite set-up at the Life University Christmas Light Show.

Boys jammin' in the backyard.

The most handsome fellah.

Foggy evening.