Photo Journal

June+July 2016: Atlanta+Ellijay

If you're wondering why the title of this post only consists of Atlanta and Ellijay, here's the reason: I'm originally from Ellijay and I visit my family (and Joe's family) as much as I can. I currently live in Atlanta. Although I have grown to really enjoy Atlanta, Ellijay will always be my home. I know that I annoy the crap out of my friends from constantly talking about Ellijay, but I'm the type of person to cling on to nostalgia.. I guess I get that from my papa. Anyways, Ellijay will always be my "home" while Atlanta is trying really hard to take that role. 

I love Atlanta for it's farmers markets, the people, and the art everywhere. I love Ellijay for it's smells, it's ambiance, and, yes, the people are good there, too. I'll someday find my way back to a comfortable rural setting, but for right now, urban life is pretty exciting for the most part.