Photo Journal

August 2016: Art Loeb Trail, NC.

Yesterday Joe Rigdon, Nick Hopper, and I hiked the Art Loeb Trail in North Carolina to go wild blueberry picking. The fog made everything even prettier than it usually is up there. This is definitely one of my favorite places along the East Coast, mostly because it looks like something straight out of a Lord of the Rings film. 

You would think that after a day of being surrounded by berries, I'd be well fed. But nope, all I wanted was a warm meal after a long hike. So poor preparation and a stubborn attitude brought me to a queazy end of the day. Nonetheless, the day was just as memorable as any other day hike I've had lately and just as lovely. 

What will we do with the blueberries we picked? Well, as of yet, it's a deciding war between blueberry cobbler and blueberry pie. 

 Eating blueberries right off the bush!

Eating blueberries right off the bush!