Photo Journal

September 2016: McCaysville, GA.

Joe's papa recently purchased a really cute home on the Toccoa River. The water was really clear, so Joe tried his luck at fishing. Alas, no luck for Joe, but we had a great time. We also went to the Blues and BBQ Festival in Blue Ridge with some old friends, but my camera battery died and I was a doofus and didn't bring an extra battery or a battery charger. It was definitely a forehead smack moment. 

When we drove up to McCaysville, we passed by Joe's grandpa's gas station shop (Leroy's Grocery). The shop has long been sold, but I couldn't help but get a picture of Joe in front of it for keepsake purposes. 

[P.S.: I'm using the new lens Joe got me for an early birthday present! Special thanks to Josh Trahan, as well, for helping Joe pick the lens out.]