Photo Journal

New Years Day: Falcons vs Saints 2017: Last Game in the GA Dome

Joe and I went to the last Falcons regular season game of the year. It is also the last regular season game in the Georgia Dome... Supposedly for forever (if they can finish that new stadium fast enough--I hear they're over budget so far, so who knows...). The Falcons played the Saints, and won! Here are some of the highlights from our nosebleed perspective.

Lookin' so fresh in his new Falcons gear.

Hint: that jacket was his Christmas gift from me.

The cheapest tasting margarita, and yet I have never spent so much money on a margarita before. Damn stadium prices.

Rooting for his team.

A fan upset about a call the ref made.

The dome had veggie dogs! Joe bought himself one, too, mostly because they were five bucks cheaper than the meat ones.

After the game, Joe and I walked around a drizzly downtown Atlanta. We watched the fireworks being shot from the tailgaters on the railroad tracks.